Mini-Rant About the “Real Women Have…” Movement

I am so tired of seeing why this girl/woman is better than that girl/woman.

Honestly I love my body more than I love yours.

You’re still beautiful and lovely and handsome,

but I love what’s mine more because – well, it’s mine.

What I am tired of is this whole mine/ours is better than yours.

Curvy girls are better than skinny girls?

Brunettes do it better than blondes?

Get it together ladies – and gentleman

because I’m tired of hearing/seeing it.

Real women have curves?

Real women come in all shapes and sizes, varying intelligence, career choices (including professional motherhood!)

Even I’m guilty from time to time –

I’d love to say that real women are authentic, transparent, joyous, and vibrant

but real women have issues that dim their light…

I’m just over it.

Yours is just as good as mine.


4 thoughts on “Mini-Rant About the “Real Women Have…” Movement

    • Thank you for spreading the love. I was checking my facebook feed one day and there were about 5 or 6 “Real women have curves” memes posted up. I’m a curvy woman myself, but being thin doesn’t steal womanhood.

      It was my pleasure perusing your world, I will definitely be back to visit.

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