When You Think You Have Nothing Left To Give

When you think you have nothing left to give.

I was moved to write this
after reading a en*theos post
that was delivered
lovingly drenched in
simple, but shaking wisdom
on giving.

I bought both my breakfast and lunch
with spare change –
dollar menu
McDonald’s for breakfast
Burger King for lunch. 
I know, I know, I know. Terrible.
I sent the love of my life off to work
with no coffee,
no food,
and no cigarettes
(skip the lectures on quitting I know he needs to).
I hate the thought
of sending him
to a 10 hour work day
without breakfast and coffee.

I am beyond
fishing at the bottom of the barrell.
Even now,
I can find something to give.

I was reminded this morning
that everything is an energy –
including prosperity
and energy must flow to grow;
stagnant energy will only diminish.

So I saved my change to eat,
but I keep the pennies aside
and toss them one at at time
near entrances
and in parking lots near cars
one at a time
for wanderers-by to pick them up
and hopefully
throw a little luck and smile their way.
Not enough to make
a grappling difference in their life,
but by putting that out there
and giving with love
I am only opening myself up
to allow more energy
to flow through me.

Remember that the next time
you think you have nothing left to give.
When you give with love truly, every little bit counts.


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