My Manifesto: Permission to Let Your Freak Flag Fly High


Love (Photo credit: praram)

You are enough.

You are meant to set fire to social norms.

You are meant to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and shed your embers on the world.

Be a beacon; shine to inspire others to shine – you owe it to yourself, to the world.

You are worthy, entitled even, to abundance, joy, and love.

Embrace vulnerability; it is the gateway to all miraculous things.

Love, acceptance, and forgiveness – this holy trinity will save you.

Get over it; seriously, you are better off just letting go.

Ask questions. Listen to the answers.

Allow that inner voice guide you, the song is I Did it MY Way – not I Did it THEIR Way.

Let the critics toughen your skin and purify your work but never harden your heart.

You are the source.

You are meant to dance like no one is watching right up on the stages of a super packed stadium.

Do not diminish your gift, your passion – bring love to the world through your vegan baked goods, slow roasted beef barbecue, song writing, dancing, or scientific exploration; one is not better than another.

Chuck the ugly chairs in your life.

Speak, softly if you must, but speak your truth it is meant to be heard and carved into the world.

Surrender, fall; it is not as bad as you think and you will be caught.

Say no when something does not serve your best interest; say yes when it scares you.

Above all; let your freak flag fly high.


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