I Am In Love With My Best Friend and My Own Personal Reality Check

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Anyone that knows me on any sort of personal level knows that I absolutely adore my man. He is a major rock in my life, my best friend, my favorite person to irritate, and conversely more likely than not his favorite person to drive crazy. That being said it was a long rocky road that has brought us to where we are today and there isn’t one moment I would change because I have grown so much both as a person and as a partner.

He is not only my best friend – he is my own personal reality check. He constantly saves me from myself. Thank God(dess)/universe/Buddha/whathaveyou that he’s developed a healthy dose of patience and understands this is a journey and I have a lot of growing to do – we have a lot of growing to do, together.

Let me fill you in on a few of the lessons I’ve learned being with him:

  • I am a pitbull – I have the very finely-tuned capacity to Never. Let. Anything. Go. Sure, I forgive and forget in my own time, but until then I will run the topic into the molten rock below and more than once.
  • I create reasons to be late – I haven’t delved into the reasons why, but I feel bad about being late so sometimes I tell people I’m closer than I really am. Yikes!
  • Subtlety is not a language I speak. I can be nice about it and for the most part I am, but I am so very blunt. It saves time.
  • Patience is not my strong suit… at least when it comes to myself (see further down with letting people off the hook too easily).
  • I am a whole lot stronger than I ever thought I was. My definition of strength has changed dramatically.
  • A homemaker I am not. I feign being domesticated. I try, but I am far to wrapped up in other things.
  • Sometimes I shift the focus off of myself and onto others – this has come up in “Fighting Dirty” conversations.
  • I don’t like to “need” people. In fact he is still one of the only people that I will openly tell that I need.
  • I am willing to endure a lot more than I will let others endure. Also, I let people off the hook way too easily… but never myself.
  • I am indecisive and pretty low maintenance – actually not a great combination.
  • I have integrity. I am most thankful for him pointing this out. I do what I feel is right, point blank.
  • I still have a long, long way to go and grow and I hope it’s next to him.

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