The Beauty of Non-Resistance

When something tragic
happens in your life
it’s easy to numb yourself out
and go into shock.
Then one day,
you’re at work,
grocery shopping,
or sitting on the toilet (funny, but you know it’s happened)
and it hits you right there,
like a ton of bricks –
“that really happened”,
“that person is never coming back”,
“nothing will ever be the same”,
“I really screwed up everything this time”.
Next thing you know
you’re hiding in a bathroom stall alone
or bawling in the middle of the store
to a forgotten, heart wrenching ’90s R&B Ballad (no? just me?).

There was a time
(there are still times)
when I continually push it away
mistaking this for “making progress”.

You have to feel your feelings
in order to deal with them.
Like everything else in life,
you have to be able to clearly identify
something in order to really deal-
in order to really move forward.
The next time you’re faced with a decision
to push something down and away –
and to let go,
to feel whatever it is that’s coming at you
in that particular moment,
choose to let go.

It’s not a race to the finish
and trying to expedite the process
could just cause you to stagnate
right at the end.
For me this is truly the harder road,
but oh-so-neccessary.

Let go.
Move on.
Forgive, but never forget.
Thank god(dess)/universe/buddha whomever
for the beautiful lesson and go on to the next.

You’d be surprised
just how quickly and smoothly
you can move through crisis
when you just let go and feel.


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