Asking All Them Questions: Who Will You be In Your Final Moments?

Walk with me and envision:

The conspiracy theorists had it right, you have less than a month left. How do you spend it? Who do you call when the realization of being gone hits you – when the shock slips into your periphery and you know beyond a doubt of a doubt that this, right here, is it. Do you create idle excuses to stay high and inebriated, irreverently sinning without any real regret? Would you console yourself, “It’s not like it will really matter anyway.”? Or do you rise like the freakin’ super nova you are and leave this world with a trail of stardust, love, and passion? With no one left to remember, do you still strive to answer your great calling? Is the soul transcendental and will your love be remembered far beyond the decay of mortal bodies, skyscrapers, and twinkies? Who will you be in your final moments? What will you hold closest to your heart?

Come back to the present. What can you do right now to take advantage of your time, your gifts? How can you rise right now even if in the most imperceptible of ways?

Perhaps the end of the world will give way to a miraculous rebirth – an end to the world as we know it full of war, famine, apathy, intolerance, and general inhumanity. Maybe it will give way to a new world of love, awareness, understanding, vulnerability, and authenticity – a reality that needs no rose-tinted glasses. Is that so scary?


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