Permission Slip to Begin Again and a Mini Recommitment Ceremony

  It is okay to start over. There are times to ply on, press forth, push through, but this is about a time where all that is needed is a deep breath and a release. This is not the time to fight through it, to rage against and shame yourself – we fail, we all do. We forget, we get caught up in the whirlwind that is life, we overlook, and we are too exhausted to follow through. This is your permission slip to start over because some things are meant to end.

 Birthday Permission Slips

Admittedly I was nervous to start another blog (there have been three or four in my past) because each time I get so wrapped up in other things that I let blogging fall to the wayside. I make excuses because it’s already been one week since my last post and I’m oh so busy to add content – which quickly spins to one month and before I know it I haven’t updated in so long that I decide it doesn’t matter now anyway. At those times I was in a much different state of mind than I have come to be in now; shame was my partner in crime and “Woe as me” syndrome was fighting for the title. Letting go was so far from the picture that all I could were taillights.

So this is it. I’m taking a deep breath and releasing the disappointment in myself for pushing Love Hard Live Hard over to the shoulder. This is a bit difficult for me because I’m hard pressed to let myself off easy, but it is a necessary thing. While I’m not starting over with yet another blog, I am recommitting myself to the project which is another way to begin again.

Light meditation, deep breathing, and cutting the energy cords that trail to those icky feelings- a simple but powerful mini recommitment ceremony that allows me to move forward. Your new beginning may not require lit candles, sage, meditation – it may be as simple or as complex as you like. I love the sacredness that ritual brings; ritual cements the act and breathes life into it.

Where in your life could you let go of something to favor a new beginning?

Let your freak flag fly high,



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