You Rock That *Ish


                                                           How does it feel?
                                                           You are at your very best

Fist of Freedom

Fist of Freedom (Photo credit: sacks08)

Right. Now.
Every choice,
every moment,
every triumph and broken heart
has led you here.
There is no finding your way;
you may not be who you were meant to be yet,
but you have already arrived on the path
you were meant to take.
It was full of thorns
and shadows.
Of this I am sure.
Your skin has healed and toughened,
your pupils have expanded to
let light in.
You have struggled uphill.
Didn’t the uphills
get progressively easier
with all of that muscle gained?
Don’t regret.
You are the sum of all of those moments.
You are winning your race.
The omnipotent powers that be,
the universal energies,
the everything,
is conspiring

to restore the balance of love and abundance to your life.
Pull your shoulders back,
hold your head erect,
let out that exhale
you didn’t even realize you were holding
and claim this moment
because it is ripe
with love and miracle
and the stuff of joy
and it is all yours
for the picking.
Whatever you do,
do it with integrity and passion.
Whatever drives your soul
upward to its highest calling –
you rock that shit
and rock it hard.

3 thoughts on “You Rock That *Ish

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