Anonymous Letters to Stir A Stranger’s Soul and Letter of Reminders to My Future Self

Free vintage handwritten letter texture for layers

Free vintage handwritten letter texture for layers (Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography)

Lately it seems I have a mild obsession with letters. Re-reading first drafts of letters I’ve written, sitting with letters I’ve received, putting the pieces together of letters that have been inexplicably ripped in half. I would love to collect strangers’ letters. The whole shebang! Get a P.O. box and have people send me their memories, but I would just amass the letters with nowhere to keep them. Alas I must settle for happening upon the odd letter dropped on a sidewalk and revel in the fleeting intimacy of being invited into a stranger’s secret moments. Don’t worry I keep your secrets.
Not enough people write letters. With the fervent increase in technological dependency hand written letters have become a sort of lost art. My roommate and I were talking about writing lovely anonymous letters and leaving them in random places to stir some stranger’s soul.
The most striking, heart wrenching letters are letters to self. I have found many letters that outline the lessons people wanted to pass onto their younger, naïve selves, but I have seen so few letters written to “future selves”. My gears started turning a bit, what would I want my future self to recollect, to hold onto? What would I take for granted as time goes on that I need to be prodded into remembering the preciousness of stuff? Well, here goes.

Dear Future Kiera,
I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing right now, but I hope you are happy and at peace with the world. Hopefully you still utter those famous words, “I’ve stuffed a lot of living into fill in the blank years.” but with a bigger smile, a deeper sense of contentment, and knowing that you rocked the shit out of this world. Unfortunately, I’ve said those words way too often with heavy heart and a shutdown soul.
Pray first, speak later. Remember this you little hot-headed minx you. Explosions never really were our preferred method of release, but telling the same stories over and over and over again to drive the point home to well-meaning loved ones that cannot correct the issue(s) is tiresome and useless. It is lovely to have an outlet, but don’t ever forget that the healing comes from within.
Let things go. No, seriously. 90% of the things I complain about today, you don’t even care about in your today. Be present, be whole in the moment that you are in and know that you are perfect, beautiful, abundant, and all things lovely. Love, forgiveness, and vulnerability have and will continue to save you. Stay wide open, even when you think it might break you.
The energy that spurred the creation of this universe and every other (life force, GOD, love, whatever) also created you and so must live within you… within us. Everything is conspiring in your favor. You were not created to suffer, you were created to give and receive love above all else.
Take time for yourself. You absolutely cannot rock this world if you are running on empty. It is not only okay, but necessary to say no with love. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you, you’re beautiful, or take care of you, or pull you out to dance in the rain. Now is the only moment you have for sure.
Above all remember that miracles and magic exist and they are all around in both the smallest and grandest of gestures. Just look.

  Very truly yours,
    Me… or you… us? 


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