Let Your Heart Break

Let your heart break.
Let it shatter.
Let the pieces slip through your fingers
and know that every morsel will be caught by faith.
It’s okay.
More than okay, it is cathartic.
It is metamorphosing.
Pain is a learning tool
a wake up call for a shift in perception
an open invitation to stark clarity.
Sometimes things have to fall apart
in order to be put back together again.
It’s true.
Do not get attached to the form
it takes when rebuilt.
It may be the same, but stronger.
Or the color, the taste, the feeling may change.
Above all trust that it is a course correction,
a restoring of balance to a feeling of lack.
Remain open,
 let it flow through you,
let it move you.
Have faith.
You will always end up right where you need to.

Heart Broken


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