A (Few) Word(s) About Perfection and the Journey to Awareness

If you think it’s about perfection you’ve missed the point. This whole roller-coaster is about awareness. We attract relationships as an indirect, and sometimes not so indirect, way to hold a mirror up to ourselves and show us who we truly are. That person that makes you so angry you look like a crazy person – well, he/she’s there to show you that which exists inside of you. It’s up to you to take notes, pay attention, and do something about it. A couple of different things can happen preceding your shift: that person may find themselves slipping out of your life (sometimes this is a painful thing) OR that person doesn’t bother you so much. Either way it all works out for you. This awareness extends beyond interpersonal relationships. It could be a relationship with money, vulnerability, work, or time – anything really. Despite what many 21 steps to happiest you’ve ever been and 1 week to a new you programs to you, this is a continuous journey. All of these little things are to teach you awareness. A Course in Miracles states that the course is not optional – but whether you learn through pain or joy is your choice to make.


One thought on “A (Few) Word(s) About Perfection and the Journey to Awareness

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