Asking All Them Questions: What Do You Fear?

What do your fear?
Let me ask you again,
What do you fear?
What keeps you up nights
fraternizing with a trashy paparazzi magazine,
  a bottle of wine,
and a bedside lamp
when you know you should be indulging
in the ultimate act self-love (R&R)?
What cripples you –
rips apart your relationships,
scales down your earning potential,
stops you from shuffling forward
even when you can feel emanating beauty
of silver linings just ahead?
Got it?
Now ask yourself again:
What do you fear?
Dig deeper, harder.
Get bloody and messy,
break through the self-imposed walls.
What do you fear?
Everything is relative,
it transforms,
it’s never quite what we think it is at first.
Hold it up to the sunlight,
examine it,
and watch the shadows it casts.
Have you been running in the same circles,
peeking around the corner of the same thing
to finally feel the sunlight hit just the crown of your head?
Its mere existence is a course correction.
Then, even more difficult than uncovering that root fear,
Love it.
Embrace the hell out of it.
Cover it with genuine, warm, wet kisses;
watch it change form
and dissolve into nothingness.

Love it or hate it - I'd love to hear from you!

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