Kid President Says Be A Party – Reflections and Ramblings

I have stumbled across this

inspiring, bubbly, dancing fool of a little man

and I am enamored.

     Kid President is bringing some monster awesome into the world and I find it wondrous. He calls upon us to be a party and poses a very simple, but utterly profound question/challenge: What will you make, that will make the world more awesome? It has me wanting to do a little bit of a step back and a little bit of reset.

Am I making the world more awesome?

Am I bringing more love,

more party,

more freak flag flying inspiration to the world –

and if I am, then how?

Am I living it

or just writing it.

     I have been in this slump of profound malaise that I have been fighting to pull myself out of. For a while, I went through the motions just to feel what I needed to feel, but I’m ready to wake up, ready to come home, ready to be back in love with everything.

There are two very special people in my life that remind me (more often than I’d like to admit) to get over myself when I start future-tripping and getting worry lines etched into my brow over the tiniest things that I just cannot change. I hope you know who you are; everything in my heart loves everything in yours.

The past couple of days I’ve been looking into love lettering and all of the different ways people have been adding some handwritten mushy nostalgia to the world – some people send them to random people, some leave them in random places, some join a group to answer love letter requests. I haven’t decided quite which way I want to swing, but I feel pulled towards this idea.

And for a little Tuesday morning inspiration. Click play, smile, exhale the yuck, and let your freak flag fly high.

What will you do/make/say to make the world more awesome?

Wake up. BE a party.


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