Blacklist Balance and Strive for Pie.

Life doesn’t need balance, only pies.

Okay scratch that.

As an admitted klutz of epic proportions,

life DEFINITELY needs balance

to save yet another chair

from being groped.

What we could use a whole helluva lot less of

is the notion

that you can balance everything.

I love you, I do.

I truly believe you can move mountains,

change lives,



bring love to the saddest day of the saddest life,

but with that being said:





Sometimes you have to take from one area

to really flourish in another

and that is more than okay,

it’s necessary for true growth.

There are obligations in each area of your life

that will take precedent over another from time to time.

Don’t make that “wrong”.

Leave the judgement to the judges.

That, love, is when balance crosses over into black list territory.

Strike it from your vocabulary –

and from your guilty conscience.

Instead think of your life as a pie

that can be divided up as you choose.

Doesn’t that feel better?

More right?

More powerful?

You’re not split right down the middle

trying to hold the world up,

you give and take as YOU choose

and that is what co-authoring your life is all about.

Check in with yourself

when you feel out of whack and ask yourself,

“Am I putting my attention and love where it is needed?

Where I can be of highest service?”

Reevaluate often.

If you notice something slipping

it doesn’t mean your getting something wrong –

you’re cultivating an awareness

that brings you back

to what you want and what you need.

The super(wo)man complex isn’t really

leaps and bounds above a martyr complex.

Balancing everything just evokes

too much guilt and judgement.

Let’s start a movement today:

Blacklist balance and strive for pie.


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