The Tao of *Ish Happens

As the self-proclaimed Queen of Silver Linings this is far from my favorite saying,

Shit happens.

English: Hypocrite "Love" message. A...

English: Hypocrite “Love” message. Allegory of hypocrisy. Français : Message d’amour hypocrite. Allégorie de l’hypocrisie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s usually accompanied with a knowing sigh and half-hearted shoulder shrug. I used to fight it like hell. What are we to do if shit… just happens? Certainly all of the “everything happens for a reason” that I spout makes me a hypocrite of epic proportion if I switch gears and tell you now that sometimes Shit. Just. Happens.

Everything does happen for a reason, but it’s not always as simple as cause and effect. Untwist your mind, let it stretch and seep out of its nice neat little box and grab onto this: sometimes the reason for something happening is simply what you take from it. Does something happen to teach you a lesson OR does something happen and you take away a lesson? It’s all in the way you squint your eyes at life.

Color me a hypocrite if that tickles your pickle- you could chuck me into the self-help category if you like, but I’m more about acceptance and growth than the Supreme Happiness in 21 days/steps/lessons variety – but all of the self-help neuroses and twisting the For A Reason notion into “I have to figure out WHY this is happening to me? What did I do? Did I manifest this?” is going to, if it hasn’t already, cause a breakdown. Just take a breath and embrace the simplicity. Embrace the Tao of Shit Happens. Learn your lesson and then release.


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