Permission Slips: *Ish Happens – Shrug It Off and Move it On

Most people won’t do this for themselves so:

I hereby grant you permission

to step out of the thickness of it all,

to unzip it like a winter coat

and shed it like too-tight skin

letting your new tender exterior

finally be kissed by the healing dew of the first spring morning.

Shrug it off,

the superfluous worry and drama,

and let it fall to your feet

and allow needless stress

to return to silent, wet soil

to be neutralized and forgotten.

Give it a hair flip,

or middle fingers,

or not a second thought at all.

Title it no big deal

and let it roll off

like the sweet sweat of relief

after being in a hot seat for just a moment.

You’re off the hook

for these little trips and slips.

Sigh deeply,

raise an eyebrow,

and with a coolness and composure

usually only delineated by royalty,

say, “Shit happens”

and mean it.


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