A Brief Introduction and Ramblings of Self-Seduction

I’m pretty flowery without being naive, without being a complete pushover. A woowoo girl with a hardcore edge. It is not my lack of world experience that has brought me to such a reputation as the Queen of Silver Linings. rather I have seen more than my share of darkness and have always managed to see the light.

I am a crusader for Self-Love, but I’ve always wanted to take it one step further – give it edge, make it sexy and downright irresistible to fall in love with yourself.

What if you learned that everything is a seduction and the more you seduce yourself and the Universe, the more it will seduce you back? What if you broke the dirty word stereotype that nips at seduction? Yours can come from a place of power, vulnerability, acceptance, authenticity, stimulation – your seduction can come from light. We are all in constant state of seduction and the things we all ow ourselves to be seduced by can either help us grow or keep us stagnate. Make no mistake, it is a choice.

What will you listen to? Your body’s yearning for whole, filling, real foods? Your ego’s craving for attention from even unsavory sources? Your soul’s desire to answer a higher calling (answering this will put your soul in a constant state of seduction via the universe)? What call will you answer?

''Fountain of Aphrodite in Mexico City.

”Fountain of Aphrodite in Mexico City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The things that seduce me, empower me, stimulate me – well, they aren’t necessarily the things that seep into your soul. Words (both spoken and written), physical contact, pulling a stranger’s happiness to the surface, leisurely brunches with bottomless mimosas, hot bubble baths, the slight sting of the sun on my arms and legs, dancing, personal growth – all of these things seduce me. Admittedly some things are deeper than others, but to be honest sometimes it’s a plate full of nachos and hoppy craft beer that seduce me. Every person is different, so is every day.

Your body, mind, and soul yearn to be in a constant state of seduction and if you let them you will only fall more deeply in love with yourself.


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