Stuck and Miserable? Correcting This Common Mistake Could Be One Big Key To Moving Forward

I speak a lot of letting go. It’s not the easier road. Bury it, burn it, ignore, push it down until it’s unrecognizable and irrepressible and bleeds through the rest of your life in seemingly irrelevant ways. That is somehow easier. To live in denial and pretend that by just shaking it off and soldiering on you are actually dealing. I have made this mistake more times than I care to recount. After one particularly bad break up I moped and disappeared until I decided one day I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and I just switched the melancholy off, but I didn’t deal with anything which was made very apparent when I saw this person for the first time again. I was right back in that rut, right back in the thick of grief.

and the hardest part was letting go

and the hardest part was letting go (Photo credit: roujo)

When I stray from living in love and I feel myself repressing instead of releasing I look through my little red book to remind myself that in order for “it” to let me go, I have to let “it” go. “It” is whatever you’re battling with, whatever you’re clinging onto. Weight, a past lover, a betrayal, a failure, whatever; it’s going to cling tightly to you until you learn to let it go. Make a ritual of it, do a meditation, confront that person or thing, write a letter you never send and burn it or keep it as a reminder of repressing your “it” can numb you to the joys of life as well. Do whatever you need to do.

I like the official-ness of rituals; this is something I’ve done before and it always helps usher negative bonds out of my life. If you’d like, try this:

let go

let go (Photo credit: tankgirlrs)

Find a place outside where you can dig in the ground a bit.

Write down the name of whatever (or whomever) you need to release.

Now press this paper to your chest and close your eyes.

Visualize this thing or person in front of you and see the dark dense chains holding you together.

See bright light radiating from you and this thing or person and say:

I forgive you and I release you.

Inhale, I forgive you.

Exhale, I release you.

Repeat as you see the chains dissolve into the ground, neutralizing the bonds that hold you to this thing or person.

I like to repeat this affirmation 10x.

Send a beam of light and love from your heart center to them and feel them do the same for you.

Bury the slip of paper to neutralize the energy.

Blow 3 kisses to the ground to release this thing or person with love.

What do you do when you need to let go of something or someone?

If you have something you need to let go of and you’re open please post it in the comments and I will hold a space of love for you.


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