Searching for Soulful Relationship and Freedom: A Confession, Invitation, and A Spark Rolled Up In One Post

Confession: I’m feeling stuck these days.
A little (lot) imprisoned.
I am the Queen of Silver Linings, a Goddess of Rising Above the Odds – but I want more than that.
Lately, I’ve been feeling seduced by a notion.
Freedom of financial woes, dramatic relationship, iron clad schedules, people pleasing, deadlines.
Just pure, unadulterated freedom.
Freedom to follow the concepts and ideas that pull at my heart-strings, go on impromptu adventures,  join soul sisters for coffee or brunch on a whim, get up and clean when I have the urge to, sleep and eat well and take care of myself and not stop until I’m wholly renewed no matter how much time or expense it takes.
I have this calling, this urge, this pull towards a certain something that’s been lurking and (not-so) silently begging to be explored and created.
Alas, I am in overwhelm with two jobs that have somehow pushed me into a revolving door of soulless work and nights of sleep that never quite quench my exhaustion.
I feel change is on the horizon and I am ready to take a plunge.
I am ready to join the ever-flowing current and let the universe take me where it needs me.
I am ready to give up this way that is no longer serving me.

Cliff diving with JT

Cliff diving with JT (Photo credit: 4ELEVEN Images)

We all come to this time.
Some patterns are easier than others to let go and I hit my breaking point when I cried out from sheer exhaustion.
I have carried this knowing for a while now.
This time in my life has been all about learning to fall in love with who and where I am now and to realize that there are no wrong decisions because I am – and you are – exactly who and where you are meant to be in this moment.
That is the foundation of what I am feeling I am called to bring to the world: to teach and inspire people to reach this realization without the sometimes painful events that lead us to finally grasping this concept that is so simple, but so large.
I want to use concepts and tools that aren’t classically tied to self-love because traditional (mostly) ain’t my schtick. I put a wish into the universe sealed with hope and a kiss to find my soul sisters (and bros!) that I need to move forward now.
Wish me luck and better yet join me on this journey.
We’ve only just begun.


Let that freak flag fly high!



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