Unlikely Places: Song of the Moment Edition! Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Spiritual reminders and bitch slaps come in many shapes, sizes, and places. I love to sing, so I’ve always looked for signs within songs and lately I’ve had Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors”. I have to tell you, I LOVE this song! Seriously, it has been on repeat… and repeat. Haha.

My unabashed adoration of this song aside, it reminds me that other people truly are our mirrors. Some people are placed in our lives to mirror the good we see in ourselves, some the bad, and others still the changes we wish we could make. We are all faced with people that are difficult to get along with and occasionally you will find someone that just irks you for no apparent reason. There are countless books, techniques, classes, and articles on how to deal with difficult people, but the truth is simple (but can be difficult) – regard that person as a mirror.

Today’s society tends to promote the individual, but it is high time to step out of that and realize that we are all connected and that the way you are affected by someone is a reflection – your subconscious niggling at you ABOUT YOU. Very rarely does it actually have to do with them. It is so much easier to deal with other people than it is to deal with yourself – a very roundabout way of dealing with your own issues. Do some deep digging and find the root cause to figure out why that person just gets under your skin because the answer is always looking back at you.

When you change the way you perceive that person it becomes all too easy to brush it off flip your hair and move on with your day.


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