Easy Like Sunday Morning: What A Seductive Sunday Looks Like In My World

Wake up to a slow Sunday morning brunch with mimosas from crystal goblets shared over shallow giggles and profound realizations with my closest friends.

English: Sveas restaurant brunch

English: Sveas restaurant brunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After that a discovery stroll through the woods or the city to overhaul vintage boutiques or being at the cross-section of the elements to plant dreams in fertile ground. Lots of pictures: glamour shots and hammin’ it up candids.

Kodak Instamatic 104

Kodak Instamatic 104 (Photo credit: EFF ^_^)

On the ride home we’ll sing obnoxious, loud karaoke; some cathartic ballads mixed in with some funky gotta move it one hit wonders. Short goodbyes and promises to see each other soon upon arrival back to my apartment and then a milk and honey bubble bath surrounded by every candle I own lit with Tchaikovsky filling the room.

Bubble Bath!

Bubble Bath! (Photo credit: deysale)

Before I feel myself lulling away, I wrap myself in a warmed towel and move to the kitchen to collect a few of my favorites (cheese, avocado, melon slices) and a glass of wine. Lie down and savor my couch picnic while reading Rumi’s translated poetry until I fall blissfully asleep.

I have so many different versions of this leisured, indulgent day. The list of ways I allow myself to be seduced are endless. It’s become an important ritual and I would like to invite you to create your own:

  • Start small, create your perfect morning (or afternoon or evening) and fill it with the things, people, events that make you feel powerful, rejuvenated, and luxurious. Repeat until you have a whole day’s worth.
  • Allow yourself to savor the present moment and move seamlessly into the next.
  • If things don’t go according to plan just let it flow right past you. Things often go “off course” but the universe knows just what you need. Trust it.
  • Embrace your eccentricities. In my experience when I indulge in the things that I love that others might find off-kilter I feel the most connected to my authentic self. And there is nothing quite as sexy as someone who accepts and has stepped into their authentic self.
  • Keep building these perfect
  • seducing days. Even thinking about it is the perfect pick-me-up. Anyone can find a free couple of hours, keep these ideas in your toolkit and whenever you’re feeling lethargic, rundown, stressed, or just plain ol’ yuck access a couple (or all) of these.
  • If you journal or blog, keep track of how you felt throughout the day so you can build the super epic self-seducing day and/or night experience tailored completely for you to make you feel like the super star you are.

I’d love to hear what your perfect day of self-seduction would look like. Let me know in the comments below!


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