Have You Discovered the Secret To Everything: A New Friend Sheds Some Light

Just a few quick words on the secret to everything:

As far as I’m concerned, Love will always be the answer.

You want to know a secret? THE secret? My life has taken me down many a twist and turn and my latest adventure has brought a new friend into my home and yesterday he told me that I knew the secret to life; that I didn’t even realize it, but I had stumbled upon the reason of being. Admittedly I smirked at him and asked, “What would that be?” out of amusement, but I already knew the gist of what he would say. He says to me “You called it a second chance, but it’s about reaching out, treating people as you want to be treated, and treating yourself the way you would want others to treat you.” I giggled, “Of course I realize that. The reason we do everything is love and connection.” The next time you perform or receive a random act of kindness remember that one small act can have a ripple effect that is unimaginably wonderful. You never know how those little things count in the end game. That’s the secret, open your heart and let it stay open, continue believing, loving, and doing and you WILL be a happier and more complete person for it and slowly but surely raise the world’s consciousness level, guaranteed.

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness (Photo credit: Courtney Dirks)


2 thoughts on “Have You Discovered the Secret To Everything: A New Friend Sheds Some Light

  1. Agree, love is always the answer! That is definitely the “secret” . . . IMHO, too! Also seeing how much we have in common . . . Opinionated, Unapologetically authentic — definitely! And loving.

    Here’s something I was recently inspired to do . . .spread love to strangers and not only does it feel fantastic; it really does bring good luck and vibes to me, as well. I would love you to read my stor(ies) and this post. And hopefully inspire others to join in!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I love that you had the idea to do this, I thought about considered doing something similar. Glad to see you followed through. You have my endless love and support.


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