Part Manifesto Part Letter to You: Stay Open

Dear Friend,

I have loved a man and lost him,

I judged and tortured myself,

I have been on the brink of giving up and giving in.

Still I stay open.

I have been ripped open,

I have been spit on,

I have been kicked while I’m down.

Still I stay open.

I have been openly mocked,

I have been torn down and turned away,

I have stumbled and fallen to unforgiving concrete.

Still I stay open.

This is where strength is cultivated,

this is where the definitions of vulnerability are changed,

this is where long forgotten battles are finally won.

Where do you find your epiphanies and a-has?

Your moments of calm knowing and clarity?

I find them in moments of joy,

but they are very often lost from not being earned.

I remember and keep them through painful trials.

I used to balk at the trials,

but now I accept them like tangible things

and treasure them like precious gems that adorn my temple.

I never wanted to learn that way –

never through I would have to.

That is why I strive to stay open

so that every day is one step closer

to learning every lesson through joy.

I keep going,

I keep carrying on,

I keep loving through it,

I stay open.

I breathe in the pain of the world

and exhale every ounce of compassion from my reserves,

like a beautiful woman taught me once.

I have suffered like you have suffered.

I would not stand as tall,

I would not live my life in love,

I would not have found bliss without it.

I just want to tell you that you are not alone,

through every tear and trial and tickle and triumph

my heart praises and raises the love in yours,

and always – ALWAYS – stay open

because you will make it through.

I Love You Always,



One thought on “Part Manifesto Part Letter to You: Stay Open

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