Just a Note About This Weeks Upcoming Posts: I’ve Got Dating on the Brain!

I am (fairly) recently single. That hiatus I took? Yeah, that was recovery time. It has been very difficult separating from my best friend. We tried again briefly and, well, fell flat. That is a man whom will always have a big ole’ chunk of my heart, but it wasn’t the right time or circumstance.  Moving forward.

That being said, I have a confession to make: I hate dating – or rather going on dates. I find the whole dance to be exhaustive and wasteful if I’m not pre-inclined to date said prospect anyway. I would much rather hang out until we figure out we like-like each other and we’re mutually physically attracted. I normally don’t have an issue because I tend to be very upfront about when it occurs to me that I might be romantically interested, but you see where this can get messy, don’t you? Even so, I prefer it this way. It’s time to venture out and shake things up, change allows for powerful shifts in perception and opens doors. So let’s open up some doors.


In short, I have dating on the brain this week and would like to offer some spiritual observations on casual dating. Please join me in this week-long love-learning journey and perhaps let it spark your need for change.


What have you shaken up lately? Are you stagnant in a place that you could make a change in order to invite a quantum shift?



6 thoughts on “Just a Note About This Weeks Upcoming Posts: I’ve Got Dating on the Brain!

    • Thank you for perusing today 🙂

      I’m going to try to pinpoint WHY I find it so unappealing and see what I can do to either delete that from the dating process altogether or try to redefine and shift my perception on that particular aspect.

      Hopefully that will help navigating the dating pool much smoother.

      Are there any places in your life that you feel like you need a change?

  1. I have many several key areas that need changing, but most need to simmer until other things are done cooking. In the meantime, I’m making a huge shift in the way I eat and the way I see myself in relationship to food. I’ve been overweight most of my life, and called myself a food addict for 2 decades, but I’m seeing all of that shift (with considerable effort). Focusing on this now, and moving toward true health, will help everything else when the time is right.

    Thanks for your voice. I love it.

    • Love it! Thank you for sharing, I greatly appreciate your support.

      I often find that when I’m in that place with food, I’m really just feeding a need for stimulation. I have always had an issue with this, but I have worked for a long time to build an awareness that food was just taking the place of something I felt I was lacking in my life. I take note of where I feel that lack and indulge that instead.

      I wish you loads of love and luck, I know how difficult this shift can be. Stay strong and beautiful!


  2. We must all be getting spring fever! 🙂 Good luck shifting your perspective. It’s tough getting back out there after a break-up, but it sounds as though you’ve got the right attitude about it!

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