Don’t Wait to Feel That “In Love Feelin'”

Like attracts like. You want to be in love?  Then be in love! That what isn’t so much important – be in love with your life and you will attract more things and people to be in love with (same goes for happiness and gratitude). Something so simple can be so hard to do, that’s why the beginning steps are an inside job. I won’t go on a huge spiel, I’ll keep this as short and sweet as possible. Love starts with you. Fall in love with who you are and where you are now and miraculously things will just sort of fall into place. It can be a tedious process at first, but I promise it gets easier. That’s not to say that if you don’t love who and where you are that it won’t find its way to you, but it makes things a helluva lot easier and without carting around all of your baggage you can attract someone into your life that will feed your soul, not your ego – someone that will fulfill not only your desires, but your needs.

I do get lonely, I won’t lie, but I’m also known in my circles as that girl that’s completely comfortable with being single. That’s definitely not always true, but I do tend to just live my life in love. I court myself and do things that stir my soul and seduce me and I stay suspended in that “butterflies in the tummy, giggly, goofy, glowing, ‘in love’ place”. What do you do right now to give yourself that “in love” feelin’?


8 thoughts on “Don’t Wait to Feel That “In Love Feelin'”

    • Yes, yes, yeeeees! So important, falling in love changed my world. It’s a different feeling that simply loving – to me it’s like being completely immersed in unconditional, unwavering love and it spreads like wildfire to every piece of my life.


      Thank you for stopping by.
      Loving you always,

      • I think mostly because my brain stops me from breaking my heart. I’ve fallen in love so many times before, only to end up getting heartbroken. I’ve felt so depressed at times where I relied on my heart, and I’ve never been happier after I started relying on my head instead 🙂

        Some people love in a different way. Some people need reasons to love and not to fall in love. I think I’m one of those people.

      • I can only give an opinion as far as my own experience so please take this with a grain of salt because certainly not everyone is the same. That being said, it sounds to me that you are acting out of a fear of being hurt and while I’m not suggesting that you should stay naively open to allow people to take advantage of you, overcoming that fear will introduce all sorts of beautiful experiences for you (when you are ready!). Whatever is working for you right now is all groovy, just keep that in mind for down the road because you don’t want to push someone out of your life that could offer you love because of fear. It’s good to be a bit picky about the people that you allow into your life because they can seem to have so much influence over us, but you want to do that out of love and respect (standards!) for yourself rather than just a fear that they will leave or betray you. Just a thought. I’m so glad that you’ve found something that works for you and makes you happy right now. ❤

        Sending all my love!
        Let your freak flag fly high,

      • Yeah, it seems that as I grow older and more mature, I just know how to keep myself open to so many new experiences rather than the people. Great people will come along with great experience, rather than just aiming to meet great people on the way, which may or may not bring great experiences. 🙂

        That was a great experience reading your blog post, I’m looking forward for more 🙂


      • Love it! I can feel your beautiful strong heart all they way over here! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with me.

        Stay happy gorgeous!

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