Never Presented A Poem On This Blog Before: Remembering

Always screaming I don’t need you – don’t need anybody. Just wrapped up and paralyzed by the inconsistencies of being wanted. No one ever told me the nature of want would change so easily, no one ever taught me how to stoke an endless passion. So I let it go and pull it back desperately like the frantic ebb and flow of a storm worn shore because I didn’t know – don’t know how to glide effortlessly through the motions of letting you want me. There was a time once upon a time when our interlaced fingers sent bolts to my heart and we stayed out all night laughing and playing pool. We made an island unto ourselves and the sound of you and breath of you soothed me like chill wind on the hottest day. We breathed in one another no differently than oxygen. I was a different person then stuck in my definitions of needing – needing to be needed and now that you want me, bare your soul to me I have forgotten who you are. We used to say if we have lived any lives other than this or ever will we would find each other in every one and through every one I remember you all over again. In this life alone we have found each other again and again and I will stand at the shore of our island always reaching, always waiting for us to remember who we were.


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