Not Overwhelmed, Full of Whelm: A Call To Expand and Permission to Dance Break

A bit irritable today, I’m not sure if it’s the caffeine I scarfed down this morning or the unrealistic amounts of work compounding itself into my day, but I’m downright pissy. I try to remember that I’m never given more than I can handle – I tell myself I’m not overwhelmed, but simply full of whelm. Sometimes this works and I can take a deep breath and battle out the rest of my day until that clock strikes 4 p.m., but on days like today when it seems like every time I return to my desk there is a new sticky or spreadsheet set on my laptop I reach a point where I need a moment to regather. I am widely known amongst the office workers (of which there are four, but who wants to be narrowly known?) as the Master of Dance Break Ceremonies. Three minutes of being fully and blissfully immersed in my body and out of my troubled head; swaying and shimmying without attention to rhythm or my rising silliness quotient just does something to bring the Queen of Silver Linings back to the surface and I realize once again that every, every, EVERY single thing is an opportunity to practice gratitude and expand. Is this going to help the mounting piles of papers I have on my desk? Not immediately, but a happy Kiera is a far more attentive Kiera and that’s just good for everyone.

Bronze statue of Freddie Mercury without touri...

Bronze statue of Freddie Mercury without tourists. We are the champions!

So here it is,

your official permission slip:

Shrug off that over

and allow for expansion

so that you’re just full of whelm.

Take 3 minutes,

lock yourself in the bathroom if you’re shy,

and get down with your bad self!

Shimmy, pogo jump, do the Molly Ringwald!

Move that body without care!

Let the music just soothe and flow through you.

Silly or sexy.

Wild and everywhere or simple and intentional.

This is catharsis at its best.

When you’re done fix your hair,

go back to your desk

renewed with gratitude in your heart

for the opportunity to expand,

and get your *ish done

because you are beyond capable.


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