In Praise of Those Who Tether: Practicality Is Not the Enemy

I am an idealist and it is only in this past year that I have come to respect the role that the pragmatic have played in my life. Recently I’ve taken on a (slightly) more realistic view of the world: my official stance is one of love and acceptance – unconditionally and unwaveringly – however I do recognize that sometimes people just kind of suck. I’m not talking about the people who I’ve come across whose beliefs don’t jive with mine; I mean truly icky people who do bad things repeatedly for whatever their reasons are.

People on the other extreme of my definition of idealist just seemed to be here to weigh down the dreamers to keep them from sailing into the sky. Then I met one particular gentleman that wouldn’t let me just give way to whimsy wherever I felt pulled; he was so pragmatic and practical that it gave me a headache. Looking back I feel like I never fully appreciated him or his role in my life, he was trying to keep me from floating away and getting lost in the whirlwind of my own whimsy. This person was an anchor, a tether, to keep me grounded so that I could always find my way back. Admittedly the things he wasn’t very apt to agree with were ultimately just indulgent and unnecessary (I’m just a touch stubborn sometimes). I will always appreciate the balance he tried to instill in my life and I hope he knows somehow that I will always love him for that and more. This in praise of him and all those who act as tethers.

This is in praise of those who tether,

those that provide a lifeline

so that the wanderers will always find their way home.

This is in praise of those who anchor,

those who don’t exist to hold back,

 but to ground,

 to remind the idealists of a reality

that is sometimes unfortunately stark at best.

This is in praise of those that hold down

and deliver the truth with love to the dreamers

to keep them from floating right into the fiery sun.

This is in praise of those that protect the whimsical

from getting lost in the hurricane of their own making.

You are appreciated

and loved

and heard.

We all act as a tether to someone at one point or another in our lives – imagine a world where you (and I) could gain power over these extremes and be able to both allow yourself to launch and ground yourself in one smooth transition. Is there someone in your life that tethers/grounds you? Go tell them that you appreciate them and their adept gift at practicality and give them a hug while you’re at it. Lovely.


2 thoughts on “In Praise of Those Who Tether: Practicality Is Not the Enemy

    • I love that analogy. For many years I’ve sort of resented the people that came into my life to ground me.

      Thank you for sharing butterfly!


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