Asking All Them Questions: Will You Use Anger Or Let Anger Use You?

Anger is a powerful and often misunderstood emotion. Although anger is often considered deeply seated in negativity, it can be one of the most useful emotions. I have had a lot of reasons to be angry in the past few weeks, but I am making the choice to use that anger to fuel my growth rather than live in a halfway house playing victim. A great deal of my anger and frustrations are also now being taken out during some particularly sweaty and vigorous work out sessions. The latter has been particularly cathartic and transformational. It’s not anger itself that eats at the soul, it’s the moment that anger brings you to a crossroads – a decision to grow or stagnate. May I present to you a few question:


Straßenschild Anger

Straßenschild Anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Who will you let anger mold you into?

Will you let anger hold you stagnate in a lifetime of being a victim?

Will you take that anger and let it boil slowly until your burn out or explode?

Will you let it consume every bit of light you do receive through fear and self-sabotage?

Or will you use it?

Will you rise up to the mountain before you and let anger fuel the run?

Will you fight back, meet  that anger head on with love?

Will you look at anger as a catalyst to launch yourself into things you never thought you could touch?

What will you choose at the crossroads and who will you let anger make you become?

Better question:

Will you use anger or let anger use you?


2 thoughts on “Asking All Them Questions: Will You Use Anger Or Let Anger Use You?

    • Thank you for the love, brought a smile to my face 🙂

      I really appreciate the support.

      Loving you always,

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