Stop Searching – You Already Have What You Need

I’m not sure why, but I felt moved to speak about fruitless searching:

Not the looking for the last green skittle kind of searching,

the kind of searching that takes you to external sources for love, joy, peace, whatever it is you seek.

It is both senseless and fruitless.

There may be fleeting success,

a moment of comfort,

but it will be just that – fleeting.

Unless you are able to accept that

you are the source of your love, joy, peace, abundance – whatever

it will always seem to be just out of reach.

It is my belief that

you are of the universe

and the universe is of you.

If the universe is the Source

of all love, joy, and peace

then you too, must be the Source

of your love, joy, and peace.

Your searching need not take you any further

than the front steps of your alter

and a simple prayer.

For all of the comfort that you receive from the tangible

will perish as sure as the tangible thing itself

will one day be no more.

Take a deep breath now.

Turn your gaze inward and allow all of that goodness to shine through.

Now that’s the stuff.


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