I Believe in Leaving Footprints

Everywhere I go.

Kisses to the wind, blessings, love, smiles, lucky pennies.

I love lucky pennies – I whisper prayers and not-so-secret wishes for your joy as they are tossed.

I believing in leaving little pieces of myself.

Little pieces of love.

I just came back from vacation in Pensacola, FL where I visited the ole’ pub McGuire’s.

The history is really quite fascinating and if you have a sec I encourage you to do a little research.

One feature of the bar is that patrons can leave dollar bills scrawled in black marker behind.


Some are silly,

some encouraging,

some  are wishes,

and some hold no intention other than being just that – a footprint.

As for me,

I love intention and ripples so I blessed mine with a wish.

Your words ARE power and just putting them in tangible form can set fire and movement.

LHLH Dollar Bill

Live Hard Love Hard
Get ready to fall in love with yourself!

Both sides because I like to be thorough.

LHLH Dollar Bill2

Love yourself now! Don’t wait!

I noticed most people were to eager to get their dollar in a hard to reach spot

to ensure that when they return they will still be able to find theirs.

I let my heart guide me to a spot,

semi-hidden, but visible still

and blew 3 kisses as it was placed,

now part of the very walls

silently blessing everyone that comes through those doors.

Belief in a thing gives it, it’s power and I put all of my faith in my prayers.

This beautiful lady leaves love letters,

I’ve spoken about love letters to strangers before

maybe I’ll add this to my footprint arsenal.

Do you ever feel called to leave a footprint behind?

What do you like to leave?

LHLH Dollar Bill3

Live Hard Love Hard Dollar posted at McGuire’s in Pensacola, FL


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