Fall in Love With Now


NOW (Photo credit: mag3737)


I cannot begin to calculate the issues that would be solved if we took this simple, albeit challenging, task to heart. Fall in love with the now – the present moment. On a spiritual level, only the infinite truly matters; the past is a memory of what has already happened and the future is an idea of what may happen. Now is the only thing that truly matters or exists. It is infinite, we will go on being in the present forever. Without the woo-woo schtick, the present moment is the only one that is occurring at any given time, the past and future are merely concepts.


It’s only natural to think about the future, plan it out, fret a little over future outcomes of today’s decisions. It’s only natural to reflect on the past, miss and wonder about things and people from time to time. Living there, that’s what breeds fear, ruts, anxiety. All sorts of yuck that could surely send the most confident person into panic attacks. One of my favorite analogies is from Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins (totally unsolicited plug, I LOVE this woman’s work). She references a cosmic diner where you place your well-thought out order and you wait… you never worry about whether or not your food is coming and you go on chatting with your guest or checking your email, you may grumble that it’s taking longer than you like, but you KNOW it’s coming. Where is this clarity throughout the rest of our lives? The level of certainty that whatever you asked for or manifested is coming? Breathe, you might even receive an upgrade on your miracle.


Full disclosure: I have to pull myself back into the moment all of the time, though much less than I used to.ย I was a notorious dweller burning both ends of the candle – future-tripping and constantly analyzing what past events meant. Stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, helpless, hopeless. Everything was out of my control or quickly spinning out of my control. Meditation had much to do with bringing me into the present moment and that “a” word I love oh so much, awareness. All of the work I did brought the “why’s” front and center and so many of my neuroses were tamed by this one commitment (and constant recommitment), falling in love with now. Anytime I start to feel all frazzled I take a deep breath and take a step back into my body, into what is going on at this very moment and usually the yuck dissipates fairly quickly. I want to be here now enjoying life as it happens, not living in something that hasn’t even happened yet or something that was quite literally so 30 minutes ago.


When life starts getting to be too much, turn your attention to the present moment. I do recommend meditation (which can be sedentary or active) as a beginning to build self-awareness and overall sense of peace. *There are scientific studies to back this up my nonwoo-woo friends.*


What about you? Do you analyze the past or are you a future-tripper? What do you do when things start getting out of hand? I’d love to hear from you.





2 thoughts on “Fall in Love With Now

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Humbled to be linked in to such an excellent post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Particularly loved that analogy of waiting for the order to arrive at the restaurant. Always disturbing to see so many give up and leave before their order arrives… and was wondering why I always seem to be getting someone elses… certainly don’t remember order all of this… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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