Shovel Out The Bull*ish To Get To The Good *Ish

Warning: Just a bit of rough language, but only a bit.

It’s time gorgeous people to shovel out the bullshit to get to the good shit.

Excuses! You have to love these sneaky little bastards.

Most times the “but, but” stumbles out of our mouths before we even have time to process what’s going on.

Aren’t you tired of handing the reigns over to your limiting beliefs? Your fears?

My sniggling little inner-critic mostly just reminds me “Walk my talk.” and challenges me to “Put my money where my mouth is.” these days.

We’ve made friends… well, mostly. Sometimes she still whispers lies.

But the little monsters that still feed you that “Sacred Lie” are holding you back and down.

I can validate and compliment you until I’m blue in the face,

but you have to begin the work of shoveling out the bullshit to let all that goodness start to stream in.

So do it!

Today, right now, don’t wait any longer.

You owe it to yourself to see who you really are when the “I am not enough” crap is stripped away.

They are placeholders – really crippling and stagnating placeholders.

What wonderous loveliness are you blocking out by holding onto them?

Your dream career? Relationship? Promotion? House?

And do it in your own way,

find tools that resonate with you.

This is not a one-size-fits-all world.

You need different outfits and you need different tools in your self-love arsenal.

(Check the list below for some of my favorites.)

If you need a cheerleader, a friend, A CHAMPION!

I’m here! I believe in and love you deeply.

If you don’t like me, then find someone in your life that can be this for you until you can be this for yourself.

The world needs more light, needs more love today not a week from now.

More good shit and far, far less bullshit.

Happy shoveling!


A Shovel Is Waiting For You …!!! / Une pelle v...

A Shovel Is Waiting For You …!!! / Une pelle vous attend…!!! :))) (Photo credit: Denis Collette…!!!)





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