Happy National Girlfriends’ Day!

Yes! That’s right I said HAPPY NATIONAL GIRLFRIENDS’ DAY!!!!!!!

If you remember from this post on reconciling platonic relationship with the female-kind, you’ll also remember that I have a rather small tight-knit girly crew that I glom onto. As you know gratitude is the attitude I shoot for everyday and by far my FAVORITE way to celebrate. So, I just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the angels that currently flit through my life. In no particular order:

  • First, and the newest and loveliest addition to my circle, is Ms. Lindsay. This girl is the epitome of loyalty – the ultimate ride or die chick you want on your side; perfect combination of bad ass and feminine loveliness, vulnerability and endurance. She’s able to calm me down or hype me up like no otha’ and I’m so happy and grateful for the day we bumped into each other at our favorite little country bar. Lindsay doll, I know you’re reading this and words can’t explain how much I adore you. You have been one of my biggest supporters and quickly becoming one of the best friends I could ever ask for. I am truly lucky for having you, a real life angel, in my life.
  • Oh, my little Rae of Sunshine! Who knew such practicality existed in high heels and mascara? If anyone is responsible for keeping me in line, it’s you. I taught you to Wobble and parallel park, but you taught me the importance of responsibly indulging. Why should I wait for someone to come along and seduce me when I can start seducing myself RIGHT NOW?! I don’t know what I would have done without you these past couple years, you’ve held my hand through some pretty rough road and I very much doubt that no matter what happens there will be many ladies that ever get closer to my heart than you are now.
  • SusieBug. You have grown leaps and bounds since I first met you and I could not be more proud of anyone. Not only have you been one of my biggest supporters, but also one of my biggest pushers. Even through your learning curve, you recognize the beauty and significance in others and force them to shine even if they don’t quite see it themselves. Thank you for loving me through everything and always believing that I was worth more than I gave myself credit for. I would not be who I am today without your stubborn ass.
  • Andrea, you’re one of my oldest friends and we have the epitome of the “no matter how long we’re apart it’s like nothing ever changed” friendships. You continue to touch my heart through your unconditional love (I know I’m the easiest person to deal with!) and I am always blown away at your capacity to rock a room – people simply cannot help but smile and giggle in your presence. You’ve got that light turned on just beneath the skin loveliness that blesses everyone that lays eyes upon you. You gave me my first ever vacation! You have noooooo idea how much it meant to me to spend it in the presence of such a gorgeous woman as you. We’ll get back together a few years down the road and try to find our $1 bills.
  • Chrystal… I shouldn’t detail any of our adventures for both of our sakes. You are a flippin’ rockstar and I love you. No one else can talk me into trouble (or talk us out of trouble) as quickly as you! I see those memes saying a true friend would be in the cell next to you saying “Well, that was fun.” and I think to myself… yeah…. Chrys…. Haha I would be lost without gorgeous.
  • Ms. Hines you are the ultimate girl bro. I’m going to get you to eat vegetables, I swear! Thank you for consistently kicking my ass to stop settling, I finally got it and it only took almost 25 years. We have been through way too much in our short time as friends, but it’s definitely done a good job bonding us to each other throughout lifetimes. I don’t remember a time when we weren’t together now, you moved into my life so seamlessly like we had known each other from lives before. It’s so rare to find this connection and know that I am so grateful that I am one of the lucky ones.
  • Last, but most definitely not least – my mama! Oh, I am definitely you’re child. I look back at pictures of you and I look just like a “chocolate you”; and how lucky I am to crafted after such a beautiful and compassionate woman! You (and daddy!) have built the foundation that my self-love, confidence, and passion for life have grown from. I know that not every child has been lucky enough to come from such an encouraging household and I love that you extend the same belief and encouragement to anyone that you come in contact with, without judgement. Because of you I have an open, compassionate, tolerant heart and because of that I always have everything I need. We’ve been through our trials, but everything has only brought us to a place where we could extend our mother-daughter relationship into a genuine friendship. I have all of the love and respect for you in the world and yes I know I’m difficult, but mama I got it honest đŸ˜‰ Thank you (and daddy!) for going above and beyond to show me love and support unconditionally.

I love all of my girlfriends, so don’t think I forgot about you; you are in my heart and I’ve blown out a thousand kisses for you today! These are just a few that I especially wanted to send some gratitude OUT LOUD to. These are the girls that push me, listen to me bawl at 2 am, and keep reminding me that I’m a Boss!


2 thoughts on “Happy National Girlfriends’ Day!

  1. Aw, thank you baby. I am happy that we can be friends especially since there were times where we didn’t like each other very much. Aging is all about maturity and coming into your own. You have turned out to be such a fabulous person. Love you, Mommy

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