Permission to Be Happy in Your Own Way

I have a somewhat shocking announcement: shopping doesn’t make me happy. In fact, I hate shopping for most things aside from groceries. My friends get so caught up in pretty new dresses and sexy high heels, but I would much rather my awesome new clothes, accessories, and whatnot just made it to my closet without my having to trek out to the mall or hope and pray that the size I ordered online will fit perfectly. For years I would force myself to go shopping with them because that’s what should have made me happy too. No more.

A bit shallow for an admission, I know; it’s only to demonstrate a point that we’re all different and thus different things make us happy. I’m somewhere in between an urban-hippie and a country girl so I love being outside, like, a lot. My dream cafe to craft such lovely posts for you is slightly secluded and near a lake so that all elements are present for ultimate balance. I would rather spend my day walking through this arboretum than walking around the mall or off-roading and setting up a bonfire than at some swanky soiree sipping cosmos. That is O.K.

I’m a big supporter of letting your freak flag fly high and that means you have to get real with yourself about some things including your authentic happiness. What happiness really means to you and how you get there. Whatever it is, it’s okay. A friend of mine told me the other day she wished she could be happy all of the time just like me. Obviously, I’m not happy all of the time, but I like to keep my happy time in the majority. She and no one else can be happy just like me; your authentic happiness is your own little ultra-personalized balance of your human needs being met, your little perfectly you happiness sweet spot. You can however surround yourself with the things that turn you on. I’m all about the self-seduction, don’t wait for happiness to come to you! Take it into your own hands.

As a self-proclaimed Queen of Silver Linings I permit and implore you:

Sit with yourself, turn inward, reflect, breathe deep and smile.

Find your authentic happiness, that sweet spot that gets you giddy and pumped.

This is all about you.

Dance – or don’t.

Run – or don’t.

Sing – or don’t.

Play chess – or don’t.

What sets you on fire? Lights you up like no other?

There’s no right way, no wrong way.

Pay attention as you go through the day.

How does your body react to things?

What puts you into serene bliss? Or an excited frenzy?

What kind of happy do you want?

Take those little bits and put them in your back pocket for a rainy day.

Don’t force it.

Don’t do things that don’t make you feel like waving the “Hell yeah” banner.

Put those guilty pleasures to good use – and drop the guilt.

Play, discover, and for crying out loud laugh.

The best way to invite more happiness in is to be happy and grateful for what you have now.

Let’s put some Good Vibrations in the air today.

Say it out loud “I am so happy and grateful that _________________”.

Let YOUR freak flag fly high!

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! Impromptu dance break – that’s one way I get to that happy place.



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