Over-Spiritualizing Things + I Will Hold Space For You

A while ago Gabby Bernstein did a post about how and why to avoid over-spiritualizing, but for some reason today I’ve been thinking about this. Full Disclosure here: I know that this irritation is a reflection of how I feel about myself as well, so please know readers that I irritate myself to no end when I do the same thing.

I’m a spiritual person, love and joy are my religion – I feel no need to put my personal relationship with my higher power in a box based on rules written by someone that has/had entirely different wants, needs, desires, views, yadda yadda and spiritual tools can help us overcome tremendous struggles, manifest deepest desires, and reach peace.

That’s all lovely, but there comes a point when over-spiritualizing can be just as – I don’t want to use the word bad here – unhealthy as having no faith at all. Chanting, meditating, praying, ecstatic dancing, affirmations – these are all beautiful ways to heal, find clarity, and reassure yourself, but you can almost trick yourself into thinking things are okay when they aren’t.

Please, please, please don’t skip steps in the healing process. Feel your feelings! (I know I’m a broken record) Gabby says that a lot of people don’t want to go down to the deep, dark depths and I completely agree with her. It’s hard to let yourself be vulnerable to those feelings; It’s hard to make the decision that you are going to let yourself be sad, angry, disappointed, or whatever you’re feeling, but it is oh-so necessary. The emotions may feel so big that you can’t possibly contain them, breathe in deep and expand to let them in because it is true that you are never given more than you can handle. You can have a toxic relationship with ANYTHING – and when you begin to use your spiritual toolkit to numb yourself out from your feelings or the reality of a situation you are headed down that road.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotion, let someone in. I’ll be your friend ❤

I will hold space for you.

When the pain is so big you can’t bear to let it fill you

you have me to hold and share it.

Each heartbeat is a prayer to raise love, raise joy, raise light.

Let the pain move through you

until it is healed by love and hard work.

I will hold space for you.

When you feel so small and loneliness overtakes you

you have me to remind you, “Breathe. Expand.”

A glorious woman taught me once to inhale suffering and exhale compassion.

Allow acceptance of pain to move to embrace and gratitude of raw wisdom

and then you can meet the hurt head-on with love.

Know that I will always hold space for you

to manifest dreams,

to heal hurts,

to see just beyond the corner to possibility.

Love Always, Me.


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