When Gentle Doesn’t Get It Done

It takes all kinds of kinds. Same goes for lovin’; sometimes gentle just doesn’t get the job done. I can be pretty blunt at time, lovingly so, but still I’ve kind of earned a reputations as bit of a hard ass when it comes to doling out advice.I’m not afraid to tell you about yourself – I call myself out too so no worries.

There are times that require delicate words, a softer touch and there are times for tough love, FIERCE love. Times when you’ll need the kind of love that tackles mountains, rips you back into reality, fights for you (or someone you love). Love is not always quiet and rosy pink hued, it can be loud, dominate, flaming red!

Rock hard love

Rock hard love (Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography)

Fiercer Shades of Love

Love doesn’t just exist in subtle rosy-pink hues

and whispered sweet nothings

and gingerly sugarcoated observations.

Beyond simply enduring love

there is fighting love,

love that doesn’t quit, doesn’t let go.

Love that only knows how to barrel forward.

There is fierce love,

dominating love –

love that comes in takes over, takes control, and returns order.

Badass love

that comes in guns a-blazing to rescue or shift.

Hard love,

love that makes hard decisions – impossible decisions.

Balls to the wall.

Love that’s had enough and leaves or finally lets go.

Love that’s out loud, intense, penetrating.

Love that pulls you back from the brink of death.

Love that gets it done.

Love that saves.


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