Musings on Learning Through Joy Instead of Pain

Quite simply, we were meant to learn through joy and love, but somewhere along the way we are taught that the hardship and tragedy are what teach us the most important lessons and they become the only ones we keep. So we learn that pain is the best teacher whether ours, a close friends, a strangers – it doesn’t matter because tragedy pulls at our heartstrings and plays on our fears; it resonates with us in a way joy just doesn’t. Think of a child lovingly corrected time and again not to touch a hot stove, only when the child burns himself does he learn his lesson. Why? It’s all with good intention, we learn the lesson to avoid the pain and we teach in order to help others avoid pain.

What if there is another way?

What if we allow love, joy, laughter, community was to be a primary teacher?

What if we let miracles teach us and correct our perception of lack?

That’s a lot of what if’s, but the world isn’t built on that – this world is built on action and so the next question is “How do we put this into action?” Well, the more simple way to begin is by cultivating awareness, i.e.  learning to pay attention to those little “red flags” and niggling feelings at the pit of the stomach or bad vibes. There are so many times that we know (or maybe just have an inkling) we are getting ourselves into an unhealthy situation and we keep on pressing through because we choose to ignore the signs that are being thrown to our attention; the spirit is trying to gently course correct do yourself a favor and pay attention.

  • Learn your “signs”. Think about anytime you just *knew* something was off, what did it feel like? Were you restless? Nervous? Did your stomach twitch? Did your heart ache? Listen to your body, it a first line defense.
  • Trust yourself. If you feel like something is dicey, don’t just ride it out because you think you’re being paranoid.
  • Build your relationship with your higher power/inner-guide. You need to know HOW the Universe communicates to you.
  • Trust your higher power/inner-guide to take care of you and then, wait for it… shut your mouth, open your heart, and LISTEN.
  • Stick with it, your intuition is a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Pain can strengthen us, but so can love. Teaching and learning from a place of avoidance still focuses on pain and still attracts pain. When we allow ourselves to be corrected through love instead of enduring hardship and pain to get the point across we teach those around us to do the same and they teach those around them. The whole world learning through love, isn’t that a beautiful thought?

How will you shift your perception of life lessons? Will you invite love to be your guide rather than just avoidance of pain?


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