When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Complacency is a sign 
that you want something more, 
need something more, 
were meant for something more 
than what you have in front of you. 
It doesn’t make you greedy. 
It doesn’t make you disloyal. 
It doesn’t make you flighty. 
It doesn’t make you lazy. 
Unfortunately complacency can be a lot like wakeful sleeping; you drift in and out barely realizing it’s happening. Getting by on good enough becomes so easy. I mean, you’re happy enough in your relationship or job or house or city. So what’s the point in rocking that boat?
This is more than just chasing down the next high simply because you’re never happy with what you have; this is for you all whom are going through the motions because you are too comfortable or too afraid of uncertainty to take actions toward greatness. Complacency is almost always a red flag for a place holder and if you’ve read my blog or know ANYTHING about the Law of Attraction than you know that cleaving to “good enough” is only a few steps above holding onto “no good whatsoever” because if you’re bogged down by the good enough stuff you’ll have no room in your life for the *effing amazing stuff!
I have been thinking about all of this over the past few weeks and how it’s played out through my life; for me at least, it has been riddled with slight contentment matched with an underlying yearning for more (MORE and MORE!). Complacency really hits home for me; that yearning I felt was shackled by an unworthiness complex and people pleasing addiction for most of my life and these coupled with fear kept me from moving past mumbling affirmations to any sort of measurable action.
Today one of Marie Forleo‘s new vids ABOUT THIS caught my eye and I truly believe in the sacredness of synchronicity so I knew that I had to stop putting this to the side and finally write something about it.
One thing. 
Find one thing that leaves you only mildly contented to let go of. 
A person. 
A job. 
A limiting belief. 
One thing that could be holding you back from some amazing *ish. 
Choose today to take action. 
Seal it with a ritual or kiss. 
Simply thank it for its time and lessons and send it on its way. 
It’s going to be hard, letting go often is.
Feel your shoulders adjust and your spine realign without the weight of extra stuff.
And when you jump,
believe beyond the doubt of a doubt that you will be caught.
What’s your one thing? I’m chucking one limited belief today: scheduling in “me” time is cheating, you should be able to put self-care first WITHOUT penciling in a time.
In fact, to celebrate I think I’ll write a post on this.

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