Give Self-Neglect the Finger: Nurture Your Dreams

Abandonment of self. What is the stuff that self made up of? Dreams, passions, care, beliefs, intentions, emotions, intuition, consciousness. I’m going to say it straight out – to neglect or abandon the pieces of this intangible collection is to lose your self. Your happiness is a necessity – a big ‘effin deal. Embracing and pursuing and nurturing these parts of you should be a done ‘effin deal.
Happiness means loving yourself and being less...

Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with the approval of others. (Photo credit: symphony of love)

I’m big on tough loving, especially when it comes to loving yourself – you are not raising the happiness quotient, good vibrations, social consciousness of the world by slugging it away at jobs, tasks, hobbies, relationships that do not elevate or light you up. Self-care is more than a women’s magazine headline and self-help fodder; if you are running on empty you cannot possibly expect to take on the day, much less the world.
All of the “pursue your passion” talk can be more than overwhelming if you don’t know what you like to do let alone what you love to do, but it is worth the effort. It is worth the try. I promise that nurturing one thing (just find one!) that lights you up will make those less than happy making zombie things that we all have to do sometimes that much easier.
This is all a trick of the ego to keep you small and further abandon your authentic self, when you disguise things as passion, goal emotions, matching action with belief and intention as wants instead of needs. Wants are easy to pass over especially as women where we tend to put everything ahead of ourselves.
Now is the time. It’s your moment. Put power, momentum into your aspirations and dreams. By building up your passions you are building up yourself. It’s time to stop making excuses, it’s time to get up off of your ass and do something. This is a call to action – one day at a time, just start.
If you lose yourself, if you neglect or abandon these things, what do you have left?
The moment is yours,
take it.
Eyes closed, deep breath.
What do you want?
What brings you joy?
What lights you up,
sets you on fire?
What fills and fulfills you?
Reach out.
Run for it,
if you have to,
claw for it.
Fight apathy with love.
Fight self-neglect with pleasures of spirit.
Screw your ego.
Screw staying small,
playing small.
Screw dreams that fit in a box.
Screw the mass’ celebrations of mediocrity.
You matter and you are worth more
than just getting by.
Hold your dreams,
your passions,
your beliefs,
your desires,
like pretty precious things
and adorn yourself.
Wear your joy
on your sleeve
and desire ’round your neck,
pressed close to your heart.

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