Be Your Own Cheerleader: Why You Should Celebrate the Crap You’re Going Through Today

Good Morning Lovely!

Sometimes it feels like we move from one hurdle to the next and we’re never going to get on level ground. Life has ups and downs and quite frankly shit happens. Your perception and reaction are the only things that you have control over. So take control.

Growth is ceaseless. We move from one end of the spectrum to the other and even as we abolish fears and limiting beliefs along the way all new ones slither in and the process of letting go begins all over again. Fear is a reality. Change is absolutely guaranteed. To avoid or deny these is to avoid or deny vital pieces of the human experience.

I began with this issue of beginning things. I tapped, affirmed, and trudged my way past that hill only to meet another – finishing. Same BS story in a different (spectacularly bad) outfit, “I’m not good enough”.

New hills are fantastic things – signs of growth and metamorphoses. It’s only daunting if that’s the feeling you let it take on; put away the violin and celebrate that you’re moving forward! Be your own cheerleader simply because you conquered and got *ish done! Your problems of today aren’t exactly the same as your problems of yesterday.

Need more? How about another angle?

#firstworldproblems I love it. It’s become one of those things that we just say.

“Spilled my soy latte ALL OVER my desk, saved my phone just in time! #firstworldproblems.


Well, you’re right… those are first world problems. For the love of everything good thank you for acknowledging that. Most of the people I know have never gone hungry much less actually have to go and forage for food. Most of the people I know have never lived without electricity and running water. Most of the people I know can escape their first world problems by watching TV or wading around in the social media pool – which is in itself a first world problem.

Be GRATEFUL for your trials because they are yours for a reason; you are never given more than you can take and the divine knows that you’re a bad ass. Chances are you are far stronger and much more powerful than you are willing to see or admit.

Love Always,


If God only gives you what you can handle, he must think I’m a badass! – Rotten eCards


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