What A Wonderful World Wednesday: First AND Snow Edition

In my personal life I’m all about a rockstar gratitude attitude. Not-so-recently a few of my friends and blogs I follow have inspired me to be ingratiated out loud. So here I am stepping up to share my intentional gratitude practice; every Wednesday I want to celebrate what a wonderful world this is with you!


It snowed today. There was so much (for Northern Virginia) and if you know anything about this gal then you know that I hate being cold… well, except when I’m sleeping. So I’ve been trying to find things that I DO appreciate about colder weather and in no particular order: homemade (spiked) hot chocolate, cuddling, hearty homemade soups and stews, patterned tights, curve hugging sweaters, adorable hats, and finally productivity (and hours spent sleeping rejuvenating) goes up because my social life stalls out a little. Concentrating on the things that come with chilly temperatures makes it easier to stomach the snow.


Speaking of productivity, I’m working on reformatting categories to make my Live Hard Love Hard world that much easier to explore for everyone. It should have minimal effect on your viewing pleasure unless you’re doing through the archives.

Loving You Always,



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