Thought-Full Thursday: Courage, Vulnerability, and the Ancient Art of Karaoke

Before I drop into my harrowing tale of life lessons taken away from Karaoke I’d like to introduce another part of the reformatting: Thought-full Thursdays. Things I’ve Learned, Things We Say… have you seen Glee? Remember “How Sue ‘C’s’ It”? Well, this is that, but with a lot more social consciousness, mindfulness, and self-loving goodness. A peek into my brain. Scary, I know.

Sue’s Corner for your nostalgic viewing pleasure:

Here we go.
I have stage fright, it’s difficult for many people that know me to believe because I have no issues being the center of attention, I’m always singing and dancing, and I don’t sound half bad. But I do, and it’s seems to only be with singing. Go figure.

Easy solution: don’t sing in front of people. Pfffft… who wants easy? An easy life is never cross-referenced with a remarkable life. I’ll admit that the first few times I was good and liquored up before I went up and my voice kept getting stuck in my throat, but overtime it got easier and quite a bit more sober…er.

Singing is catharsis for me, I open up completely and show my every scar for a minimum of three minutes. Whether or not I sound good is moot, that level of revealing can be shell-shocking to even the most honest of us. I can tell the difference between a fast and fun karaoke session and an “I need to get a song off my chest” cathartic karaoke session. The fun ones are easy breezy; I feel expansive and move around the stage to subconsciously take up as much room as I can. The soul singing feels difficult, like I’m literally pulling the song out of my chest, and I’m glued to the microphone as if my life depends on it. All of my pretenses and cloaks fall away and leaves me feeling rather naked.

More often than not we find that the most beautiful parts of our life are borne of gunning down comfort zones and the absolute best moments of my life have come from letting someone see the whole, unmasked me. Fear is a given, but courage is not the absence of fear – it’s rising up in spite of fear.

I get on here every week (for the most part) and share my truth with you in spite of fear that I won’t be taken seriously, that everything that makes sense to me will sound stupid to everyone else, that I’m too young to know what I know with certainty, and ultimately it all boils to I am not enough stories. I essentially lay my heart on the line to show you, me.

Is there anything that you want to do/share/be, but have been too caught up in limiting beliefs to just get off your tush and go for it? Where are you choosing easy over awesome?

Love it or hate it - I'd love to hear from you!

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