Thought-full Thursday: I’m Fine! Okay?!

“I’m fine.” Two little words that keep us small. They keep us small and make our feelings small and unimportant. As if telling someone, “Honestly, I’ve had a really crappy day.” is somehow a burden upon someone else. All too often our definition of strength in this aspect is one of minimizing our problems and soldiering on with a smile because who cares anyway.
I’ll be honest, there was a time in my life when I would huff, puff, and sigh, but if anyone ever actually asked me what was wrong I would just play it off and say “I’m fine.” I didn’t want to trouble anyone with my troubles and I was often the person that everyone else came to with their issues so I didn’t want anyone to see when my happiness, faith, or self-love was(is) faltering.
There is a distinct difference between bratty whining and voicing how you honestly feel. For the love of everything abolish, “I’m fine” and “I’m okay”. They are generic (and quite frankly boring) terms to get out of opening up. This goes for pain AND joy. I was given the wherewithal to express myself, and I’m going to do it.
It’s such a tiny thing, but after a while little chips off of your soul and will takes their toll.

2 thoughts on “Thought-full Thursday: I’m Fine! Okay?!

  1. This is true. Telling people how I really feel has been a challenge for me. I am working on being more honest in the future.

    • I catch myself from time to time doing the same thing, especially if I feel like the “How are you?” is more of a greeting than an actual inquiry.

      Thank you for sharing!

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