You Don’t Have To Watch It Crash and Burn To Know When It’s Over


It can be anything: from jobs to relationships (platonic and romantic) to living situations.
Quite possibly one of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced is letting go of someone that I loved very much because it just wasn’t right. It was also quite possibly one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Things just weren’t right, but for some reason that wasn’t a “real” reason for putting the kibosh on things. Maybe because I’m equal parts lover and fighter and I dig the idea of fighting for love. Maybe because I’m stubborn and I crave familiarity (possibly destructively so in the past). Maybe because I had learned somewhere along the way that in order to justify an ending there had to be some huge, pointedly final collapse that signified “Yup, okay. It’s really time for this to be done.” Not sure where I picked that gem up, but it has created a nasty habit and I’m not alone. 
In the past I’d cast my happiness to the side because my faculties were all screwed up. Those new age-y tenets (that I warped to mean whatever was self-serving at the time) rang in my head: I should be gracious. I should be patient. I should be filled with gratitude. There are so many people that have less than this little. Don’t even get me started there – misuse of self help can drum up some major guilt and why the hell should anyone ever feel guilty for wanting something more?
Rationalizing away unhappiness seems to be the norm. We do it to ourselves, we tell other people to do it – as if unhappiness, no matter how small, isn’t a legitimate reason for change. It’s ironic, society has created this obsession with happiness, but unhappiness is still quickly pushed to the side. The things that make you unhappy are just as important to peg down as the things that make you happy. Left unchecked it breeds malaise and apathy and a ceaseless restlessness, but we guffaw at someone making a decision based simply on unhappiness. After all, if ain’t broke don’t fix it. No, no, no, in this world we need reasons for everything and “I’m just not feeling it.” isn’t good enough.
Aphrodite Released by Alice Popkorn
Aphrodite Released by Alice Popkorn
Things don’t have to crash and burn in order for you to know they need to end. Develop a strong intuition and self-awareness – you’ll know when it’s time.
Be gracious and kind. Be patient. Be compassionate. Be present. Be grateful, but don’t ever settle. Feeling like something isn’t right is enough of a reason. Unhappiness is enough of a reason. The world has enough people hand their power over little by little in this way. The world has enough people that are slugged down into apathy.
This isn’t about forever seeking out a new best thing.
It isn’t about diving in head first without thinking.
It isn’t about giving up during tough times.
It isn’t about fixing what’s broken – it may not be.
It isn’t about losing the beauty in what you have now.
This is about awareness and acceptance.
It’s about letting go of patterns that breed stagnancy.
It’s about intuitively knowing it’s just not right.
It’s about saying yes to yourself.
It’s about soldiering on, but changing course.
It’s about release.

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