Love Letters to Strangers and 33 Things that Are Better When Winterfied (aka Reasons to Become a Winter Enthusiast)

How do you start to fall in love with a season you’ve loathed for a lifetime?

Add some love to the world.

Write love letters.

Lots of love letters.

Passionate. Funny. Short. Long. Witty. Rhyming. Inspirational. Doesn’t matter. Just write ’em.

What to do with all of that love you just penned?

Leave them.

Leave them everywhere.

Tuck them in magazine pages.

Prop them up on ledges.

Also, create a list of things that are better when winterfied. Here we go:

1) Hot chocolate – REAL DEAL hot chocolate. I love going to ACKC in Del Ray

2) Snuggles. Serioulsy, it’s just better when there’s a chill in the air.

3) Spurring random sing-a-longs is perfectly acceptable. I spend all year bursting out into song and people just blink at me (dgaf), BUT during the holiday season as long as it’s some jolly song people will join in! I love to spread the merry.

4) Fuzzy overload. Blankets, socks, sweaters. Gimme.

5) Soups, stews, and the like. Homemade. Give me a root vegetable some cheese and bacon and it is on! (Bonus: the abundance of root veggies gives me a chance to experiment with veggies I don’t normally eat in warmer weather).

6) Cinnamon. On. Everything.

7) Red wine. Cab Sauv seems to be that much more satiating in the winter weather.

8) This scarf that I just bought. In LOVE.

9) No one questions me shirking social obligation in favor of my faux mink blanket and deluxe queen bed.

10) On that note: it’s  the perfect time for reflecting and flying through creative endeavors.

11) Bonfires and s’mores because they go oh-so-perfectly together.

12) Hottubbing on snowy nights.

13) Snuggie justification.

14) Everything is covered in lights beginning in fall. Twinkle lights abound, like the stars came down for a visit.

15) People reflect the giving and humanity I know we’re capable of year-round.

16) Gatherings with friends and family I don’t normally get to see.

17) Cookies. COOKIES. COOOOOOOOKIES. Oh, and fudge,  I love homemade fudge.

18) Tights and extra-large thrifted man sweaters.

19) Tights in general because I love them.

20) Little to no people on the nature trails – there are times I enjoy making friends and there are times I enjoy my solitude Cold weather usually compels me to the latter.

21) All of the holidays clustered together. Never stop the celebrations!

22) Snowball fights.

23) Leaves crunching under my boots – simple things.

24) Creamy, thick, high gravity beers – stouts, porters, and lagers, oh my!

25) Twilight, my favorite time of day, is that much more breathtaking.

26) Searching for,  and cracking open,  a new (read: the perfect) planner. This year it’s this one.

27) Bubble baths. If there could just be never-ending bubbles.

28) Hilarious blockbuster family movie releases. Open season for Pixar.

29) Boot buddies. I needed these right meow!

30) Grey is a real color that I somehow forget about until winter and it looks so much better with the jewel and wine tones of the season.

31) Drastically reduced FOMO, maybe I convince myself everyone else hates the cold as much as me.

32) Intentional gratitude abound.

33) Whimsy is the flavor of the season.


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