Charge Forward and Effin’ Rally

Are you having the right conversations?

With yourself? Your romantic partner? The world? The Universe?

Many times we put our emphasis on the things we want to avoid instead of the things we want to attract. I was beyond disheartened with all of the fear-based (read: lashing out) talk and action that sprung from the recent profile cases of racism and police brutality. My personal feelings about those cases aside, this is not the direction we’re supposed to be moving in.

Some of the #blacklivesmatter movement actions resonate with me (though I wish it simply #livesmatter) and some things repel me. Anger in and of itself isn’t negative, but you get to choose what action is borne of it.

It goes right down to law of attraction (like attracts like) – when you put your focus unto a thing it gives it power and pulls it right in close to you. If you ever wanted to know why your ‘I don’t want’s are front and center, here you are. Running away from something, lack mentality, praying not to be overweight, underweight, in debt, in a job you loathe – all the universe picks up on is the focus.

It’s all set up to get you just what you want, if you keep praying to just make it to the end if the week, you’re going to continue to just make it.

Change your perspective, change your life. Step outside of the lack mentality and the negative focus and just change the way you speak to yourself and so many doors open. The reality is you can’t move forward unless you have a firm grip on what you’re moving toward.

I found myself waxing philosophical on what we shouldn’t be and where we shouldn’t be heading. Maybe rants are what I needed at the time,  but I’m a natural rallier (if that’s not a word it should be; one who *effin rallies) and I can only run from something for so long, – I’m much more a charge forward kinda gal.

Please join me in a recommitment to charging forward. A recommitment to co-authoring our respective lives. A recommitment to desire. A recommitment to self-awareness, acceptance, and stepping into our true power.

We are the only thing standing in our way. We can have the lives we want. We can raise the vibrancy and vibrational frequency of this whole world. We can clear the bad things and create room for the good to flood in. We can. One action at a time, one day at a time. You know what they say about drops of water and the ocean, don’t you?


In so many days
and ways
we trip over the jumble of words
that clutter our pages
like our subtext is written
right between the lines.
These rules aren’t new:
Clear space.
Physically, mentally.
What do you want?
Clarity is the root
of all exquisite things done.
What do you want?
Blessings meet the hands
of those charging forward,
not those idle and wanting.
Your wants and needs will be met.
Be open,
wide open.
Remove the blocks
that “limit” you.
Be ready and willing to receive.
You were not made for ceilings,
you are without limits.
A love warrior.
A powerhouse.
Clear again.
Get clear again.
Get open.


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