Are You a Phobophobe? Get Over Trying To Be Fearless!

Everyone wants to be fearless, but it feels off the mark. It feels like missing the point. Irresponsible. Stagnant. Denial. Inauthentic.

Fear has become this blacklisted word and every magazine cover is plastered with shiny headlines touting a quick and easy 5 step (lightweight) process to living your fearless life now. It’s the latest obsession.

How do I get over my fears? How do I live a fearless life? Screw honoring those feelings, that’ll get me nowhere. Fears, what fears? Deny, deny, deny.

And so we spend our lives magnetized to the very things that we’re running from. Focus gives power; a vicious cycle is born and fearlessness breeds an unhealthy fear of fear. Phobophobia – it’s a thing.

There are better things, more realistic things to strive for – freedom, undaunted, unlimited. These acknowledge fear and the bash it in the face, hard. To live the life you want it isn’t necessary to dispense with fear and pretending it’s not a part of the human experience only inspires panic, overwhelm, and alienation. Really, how can we not feel like a failure when the woman on the cover of this magazine is living her fearless life now and, shit, she’s got it down to 3 simple steps.

No one wants to be held back from fear (it’s probably holding you back in ways you haven’t even realized) but those feelings still need to be heard and honored.

If you really want to rise above your fear:
-Learn to listen to it objectively
-Admit that it’s there. It’s okay.
-Honor the feeling. You can’t get through it, if you don’t go through it.
-Decide if it’s worth one (or any) of your *effs. It may be practical to pull back sometimes and other times fear may keep you from charging forward when you need to get off your ass and go. It’s all in the awareness.

Join up with me today to end the phobophobia. Be objective with your fear. Be undaunted. Be unlimited.

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