Carry Peace With You

Sometimes I just need to get lost. On these days I get together a picnic, throw on some tennis shoes, and either disappear into the woods or run through open fields.  When the world is moving too fast and humanity seems to be showing only its darkest bits nature is just like a good old friend – we pick right back up where we left off. The reverence and solitude soothe my soul and my tired mind. I feel free.

It’s all too easy to feel light and enlightened beneath an open sky; free to wander and wonder without the constraints of time or any obligation to serve the whims of the world.  My religion is love, the forest is my cathedral, the open meadows are my altar. There is no darkness to reflect with no one around me and so I feel only light. Life, love, and light swirl around me. I’m there, like, really there and present. It’s enough to let me forget for just a little while.

I pray. This is where I hear most clearly.
I pray to expand. 
I pray to reflect the light I see in others instead of the crap.
I pray to let go of A LOT. Pain. Clinging. Regret. Overwhelm. Bullshit in general.

I leave feeling renewed, in touch, and just plain ol’ good. I lay my pretty little head down on my pillows and have such sweet dreams. Ahhhhh, Zen.


Live hard love hard, Kiera Dailey quote

Then the alarm clock rings and I’m right back in the thick of it. The job is calling, social media is churning, traffic is halted. Overloaded. Overwhelmed. Overstimulated. Crap, I forgot to let go of resentment!

Chants, affirmations, meditation, soul-finding road trips, getting lost in the woods – all for naught if you can’t find a way to carry that peace with you when you find your way back to the world. You need a spiritual tool set, not some pretty new age distractions.

Some moments will be harder than others to get through and you might lose it a little, but that’s okay. It’s a process and there is a learning curve.

When you’re unwinding or finding yourself or reminding yourself to return to love take a deep breath and really take stock of how you’re feeling in that moment (or hour or weekend). Return to that feeling when things are running amok.

What is your favorite way to unwind?


Love it or hate it - I'd love to hear from you!

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