Reflections From a Netflix Docu-Binge: Let the Unrest Be a Catalyst

I’m in deep – Netflix docu-binge. Seriously, I have a mild addiction. Currently on The True Cost and I am struck by the casual attitude towards the suffering of others.

At one point in the documentary they ask a woman in the fashion industry point blank says that she doesn’t have an issue with the work conditions. Um – wha?

There are petitions for everything, lobbyists for everything, organizations for EVERYTHING – but it takes workshop collapses, deaths from overworking, running the London marathon without a tampon, a beloved character actor being charged with drugging and raping multiple women for us to take notice and gain even a modicum of insight into the world outside of our neat little boxes. It didn’t happen to us, it happened to them… so shouldn’t they figure out how to deal with it?

And then there’s social media…

It’s a beautiful and a blasted thing. It can be used to rally, inspire, and educate, but instead it is often used as a tool to ostracize and further drive the wedge between us and them. As if there really is an “us” and a “them”. The suffering is universal and it affects us all. Love doesn’t just raise your vibrational frequency, it raises the universal frequency and so it stands that suffering must be the same. I watch people get their panties in a twist over what they should do for the weekend, but give a passing glance to breaking news stories before they cast their short fishing pole into deep waters. Ignorance and intolerance abound. Why should the pain of an elusive them cause us any anguish?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
-Edmund Burke

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -edmund burke live hard love hard kiera dailey


I’m not suggesting that you besot yourself with fear and stave away to the nearest underground bunker or you feel bad about enjoying pedicures and a glass of wine. I’m only pushing a healthy dose of awareness and giving a damn.

We are at a precipice, the brink of an awakening. The air is electric, angry even. Anger is not inherently bad, we get to choose the manifestation.

Let the unrest be a catalyst. 
Let the open eyes be a catalyst.
Let the intolerance for intolerance be a catalyst.
Let’s choose awareness.
Let’s choose compassion. 
Let’s choose now before it gets much, much worse.

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